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Desire, Purpose, Success.


Are you feeling stuck in your life, uncertain what is next and struggling to move forward? Have you tried therapy, but still feel like something important is missing? Do you have a bigger vision for yourself, but fear or confusion is holding you back? Have you achieved a high level of success in your career, but still struggle with self doubt and low self esteem? Do you struggle with unhealthy behaviors that sometimes feel addictive (alcohol, drugs, sex, food, gambling).

Do you find yourself fighting more with your partner and having a hard time resolving your differences? Are you feeling more distance between you and your partner and worried that you are growing apart? Has there been a recent betrayal that has you in crisis? Do you crave more intimacy, more fun, more sexuality, more emotional connection? Have you noticed a decline in your sex life or are differences in your sexual interests/ preferences creating tension and problems? Are you looking for ways to add novelty, variety, excitement back into your sex life? Are you curious about BDSM, Kink, Open Relationships, CNM or Polyamory?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can help. Reach out to schedule a complimentary call and get excited to finally achieve the happiness, confidence, and success you deserve!


When I started working with Juliane, I was recently separated and immersed in self-loathing. I felt desperate and sad and was haunted by (enraged about) experiences in my childhood. I felt anxious about my value at work and in the world, as if everything I had accomplished was a sham. I couldn't imagine thinking any other way. Today, I'm still me, but thanks to Juliane's understanding, support, and clear-minded guidance, I have truly changed. I better understand what gives me joy. I'm more open with myself and others about sex. I know how to act in situations that used to baffle me. I'm a better parent. I have met career and relationship challenges that previously would have left me paralyzed. I still make mistakes, and Juliane has given me the chance to learn and benefit from this, too. Overall, I'm taking more action, and taking more responsibility for my actions. I'm responding to happy moments, hardships, and life in general in a new and more honest way. Juliane has been an integral part of this progress. I'm incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.
- MM


Juliane has been very helpful as I navigate significant changes in my career. I've really appreciated her insightful and thoughtful perspective, which helped me to see new angles to both my behaviors and those around me, leading to a better strategy for success. Her empathetic and attentive approach creates an open environment for personal exploration.
- AF

Juliane has helped us work through and improve persistent challenges within our relationship, as well as issues we both brought into it; she's helped us move forward in a way I'm not sure we would have otherwise. She is quick to understand and articulate dynamics between us and identify productive ways to address them.
- K.L.

Juliane has been a main part of my mental health regimen over the past few years. She does a fantastic job at partnering with you to work through day to day challenges and guides you to better understand the bigger picture. She works with you to better understand your values, and then helps as a guide to better understand what changes are needed to live a life more aligned with those values. On a more personal note, she’s incredibly kind and thoughtful. I’m so grateful to have found her, as I feel more true to myself than I ever have. I have been working with her for years, and plan to continue into the future.
- Dina M


I am a seasoned psychotherapist who is now offering transformational life, relationship, and career coaching.

Let me challenge and support you in overcoming the limiting thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and negative emotions that are holding you back!

Reach out to schedule a complimentary call and get excited to finally achieve the happiness, confidence, and success you deserve!


By Appointment. Coaching can be held in person at the office, off-site, or via telephone and/or video conferencing.

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